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5x2: Research and the Making of Architecture

by Balz Mueller and Mark Donohue

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Five groups of architects, representing leading firms in Switzerland and the United States, were invited to participate in a seminar to discuss the role that research plays in the building process. This book documents their international exchange of ideas, touching on salient issues in contemporary practice, and in the process providing a blueprint for a new pedagogical model used in the seminar: one that values an engagement through dialog with the agents that shape the field, connecting students and practitioners in conversations about contemporary issues. The dialog confronted the similarities and differences in education, design, and construction of buildings in the two countries in an effort to better understand how architecture is made.

This book documents the discussions that came from the seminar between six leading Swiss and American Schools including ETH, CCA and University of California Berkeley.

Includes Marc Angelil & Anne Fougeron, Andrea Deplazes & Stanley Saitowitz, Patrick Devanthery & Ines Lamuniere & Nadar Tehrani, Valerio Olgiati & Jim Jennings, Dirk Hebel & Jorg Stollmann & Lisa Iwamoto.